Techno Babble

Yes, this week’s blog is late. Tell me about it. Cry me a river. I know…I know. I’ve been having a few technical issues owing to the vast number of photos on my laptop, which rather unfortunately this week cried “STOP!!! I’ve had enough!! I’m not going to play with you anymore!” and demanded something be done immediately. I couldn’t upload any more photos, couldn’t see or edit the ones I already had, and was kinda stuck. No matter how hard I pushed, my laptop refused to budge on the issue. Bummer.

stonewalled (Copy)

I had a word with my tech guy (love you hon) about resolving the issue, which is a blog in it’s own right. It involved trips to Staples and Best Buy, heated (for us) arguments with each other and sales assistants about what the best solution would be (clouds? extra external hard drives? back-ups of backed-up backups? wireless? attached? what to do when my laptop and I want to move to a location other than my desk?). But you don’t want to know all the gory details, so briefly put… here are some pictures to help you understand the general concept.

This is what I asked for (note the small size):

milohat (Copy)

This is what he heard:

DSC02729 (Copy)

This is what I suspected I would get:

IMG_5492 (Copy)

This is what I got:

mosaic (Copy)

My desk is covered in “techno stuff”, my files are being shifted around and are currently in a state of disarray, but I have hope that sometime soon order will be restored. But, in the meantime…..AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGH!

So, sorry for the interruption in service, but next week there should be something inspirational. Something which will send you spinning in spirals of excitement. Something grate (pun intended, it’s not a spelling mistake).

‘Til next week!

Karen 🙂

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